Change of Fortune: How One Determined Immigrant Built His American Dream


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Vincent HoSang O.D., O.J.

An immigrant from Jamaica, through sacrifice, dedication and hard work, Vincent HoSang came to New York and started his journey creating his American Dream.

Vincent founded Royal Caribbean Bakery and Caribbean Food Delights with his wife, Jeanette. Together they introduced Jamaican patties, bakery products and cuisine to the United States over 44 years ago in their mom and pop shop in Bronx, NY.  From there, they have expanded to be the largest Jamaican frozen food manufacturer in the world.

Read about the improbable life of Chairman of Caribbean Food Delights, Vincent HoSang.  Change of Fortune will renew your outlook!  Step into the shoes of one man who had none of life’s traditional advantages, and yet conquered his dreams with sheer faith, determination, and hard work!

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