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Retail Jamaican Style Patties

10 Packs

10 Pack Spicy Beef Patties
510: 12/10 Packs Spicy Beef
10 pack no msg beef spicy copy
710: 12/10 Packs Spicy Beef - No MSG (Clean Label)
10 Pk Beefy Cheese Horizontal New
510BC: 12/10 Packs Beefy Cheese
10 Pack Curry Chicken Front
510C: 12/10 Packs Curry Chicken
chicken pot pie horizontal
510CPP: 12/10 Packs Chicken Pot Pie
jerk chicken 10 pk copy
510J: 12/10 Packs Jerk Chicken
10 pack curry jackfruit copy
910JC: 12/10 Packs Curry Jackfruit (Vegan)
10 pack jerk bbq jackfruit copy
910JB: 12/10 Packs Jerk BBQ Jackfruit (Vegan)
10ct vegetable pattie r2 copy
510V: 12/10 Packs Vegetable (Vegan)

2 Packs

2 Pk Spicy Horizontal
504: 12/2 Packs Spicy Beef
2 Pk Mild Landscape
504M: 12/2 Packs Mild Beef
2 Pk Beefy Cheese Horizontal
504BC: 12/2 Packs Beefy Cheese
2 Pk Curry Chicken Horizontal
504C: 12/2 Packs Curry Chicken
jerk chicken 2 pack horizonal
504J: 12/2 Packs Jerk Chicken
curry jackfruit patties 2 pack horizontal copy
504JC: 12/2 Packs Curry Jackfruit (Vegan)
jerk bbq jackfruit 2 pack horizontal copy
504JB: 12/2 Packs Jerk BBQ Jackfruit (Vegan)
vegetable 2 pk horizontal
504V: 12/2 Packs Vegetable (Vegan)

36 Count Unbaked

cocktail 36
508B36: 12/36 Ct. Beef Cocktail

12/1 - Single Packs

12 Pk Beef Spicy
509: 12/1 Baked Spicy Beef
12 Pk Beef Mild
509M: 12/1 Mild Beef
beefy cheese single packs
509BC: 12/1 Baked Beefy Cheese
12pk Chicken
509C: 12/1 Baked Curry Chicken
jerk chicken single packs
509J: 12/1 Baked Jerk Chicken
12 Pk Vegetable
509V: 12/1 Baked Vegetable (Vegan)

Foodservice Jamaican Style Patties


Spicy 50 Ct Flaky
501: 50 ct. Unbaked Spicy Beef
spicy beef no msg
501NM: 50 Ct. Spicy Beef No MSG
Mild Unbaked Plain Box
501M: 50 ct. Unbaked Mild Beef
Beefy Cheese Plain Box Unbaked
503: 50 ct. Unbaked Beefy Cheese
Meatloaf Plain Box Unbaked
511: 40 ct. Unbaked Meatloaf
Curry Chicken Plain Box Unbaked
521: 50 ct. Unbaked Curry Chicken
Jerk Chicken Plain Box Unbaked
550: 50 ct. Unbaked Jerk Chicken
jackfruit curry unbaked
590JC: 50 ct. Unbaked Curry Jackfruit (Vegan)
jackfruit bbq unbaked
591JB: 50 ct. Unbaked Jerk BBQ Jackfruit (Vegan)
Plantain Tart Plain Box Unbaked
600: 50 ct. Unbaked Plantain Tarts
Vegetable Unbaked Plain Box
507: 50 Ct. Unbaked Vegetable (Vegan)
Spinach Unbaked Plain Box
580: 50 ct. Unbaked Spinach (Vegan)
Spinach Cheese Unbaked Plain Box
585: 50 ct. Unbaked Spinach & Cheese


100 Cocktail Box Beef
508B1: 100 ct. Unbaked Beef Cocktail
100 Cocktail Box Chicken
508C1: 100 ct. Unbaked Curry Chicken Cocktail
100 Cocktail Box Vege
508V1: 100 ct. Unbaked Vegetable Cocktail (Vegan)


50 Baked Spicy
500: 50 ct. Baked Spicy Beef
50 Baked Mild Box
500M: 50 ct. Baked Mild Beef
50 Baked Chicken
520: 50 ct. Baked Curry Chicken
50 Baked Vegetable Box
506: 50 ct. Baked Vegetable (Vegan)
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