CEO ACT!ON for Diversity & Inclusion Pledge

Caribbean Food Delights has been a naturally diverse company before it became a way to leverage one's business. We do not see this as an accolade, this is just who we are. The company was founded by immigrant husband and wife, Vincent and Jeanette HoSang, born in Jamaica with roots from China, Africa, Scotland and Norway, with different educational backgrounds and religious upbringings.  United as a family, they had one common goal, to build their American Dream. They focused on building their American Dream through hard work and getting the job done. We are an equal opportunity employer which means if a person is qualified for a position we are looking to fill, they will be considered along with other qualified candidates regardless of race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental disabilities, or age.

Sabrina HoSang Jordan, CEO, Caribbean Food Delights, Inc.
Sabrina HoSang Jordan, CEO, Caribbean Food Delights, Inc.

I took the public CEO Diversity pledge in 2020 to show our commitment to diversity and inclusion.  I am happy to say that last year, our management team and general staff completed the first part of the Diversity and Inclusion training and will be doing the second session early this year.  To assist in our efforts in developing and training our employees for growth opportunities and those who have been promoted, we had invested in the NYS Grant Training, administered by Manage Assist Inc., which was a year-long training for managers and other key personnel – Line Leaders, Machine Operators, etc.  I expect those who have participated in the training to use those tools to continue to grow with the company and improve operations at CFD.  We will continue to invest in training for our employees as we believe that everyone should have an opportunity to grow with the company. CEO Pledge for Diversity & Inclusion


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